Making Prayer Bottles

Encourage your child to write a prayer and then email it to us.  We'll post it on this page!
Pages from R is for Rosary - a Catholic Family Alphabet

Here is a simple way to teach your young child to pray.  Hold up your hand and say a prayer for each finger.  As you pray, bend each finger down to your palm.  Your "thumb's up" is a reminder that God heard your prayers.

In the book, kids wrote prayers for each letter of the alphabet. 

Catholic Kids Book Club


Prayer is a conversation with God.  Does your family have a prayer bottle?  Decorate a small jar or plastic bottle with stickers, photos or anything colorful.  Your child can string beads on a piece of shoelace (the plastic tip makes this easy for young children) or wire.  Add a crucifix and your favorite saint medals.  Then tie it around the neck of the bottle.  When a friend is sick or needs help, write their name on a slip of paper and drop it in the jar.  Every day say a prayer asking God to bring comfort to all the people in your prayer jar.

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Student at Annunciation Catholic School in Cave Creek, AZ making her prayer bottle