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bibles for kids -

so many choices!

It is easy to be overwhelmed at the choices of Bibles for children. Here are some tips on purchasing one for your child.

Board books with durable thick pages and colorful illustrations will delight your baby and toddler as their first Bible.


Look for special features like maps, questions to discuss, prayers and even activities to complement the story. 

Dramatic over-sized illustrations put your child in the scene in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IMAGES FROM THE BIBLE - SHARING THE STORIES WITH CHILDREN published by Paulist Press. An accompanying meditation and the Bible verse that inspired the image is on the side flap.

Kids search the illustrations for people and important details.

The key to engaging children in Scripture reading is finding a Bible that will relate to them. When choosing a Bible, think about this...

  • What is the child's age and reading level? Is the parent reading the book aloud or is the child an independent reader?
  • Consider the size of the Bible. It should be large enough for the child to easily hold, but not too large or bulky. Make sure the pages are durable.
  • Illustrations help to tell the story. Is the child drawn to realistic images or cartoon style images? Children should learn that the Bible is a true book and pictures should be equally believable. 
  • A Storybook Bible is a shortenend adaptation of the Bible ideal for preschoolers, pre-readers and newly independent readers.
  • A Full Text Bible is a full version which features special supplemental devotional or learning elements like maps. Does the translation use modern language?

Look for children's Bibles at your church bookstore or on Amazon.com

Display of Bibles from Pauline Books and Media

Remember to continue to purchase age-appropriate Bibles for your children as they grow. 

Young children love the soothing sound of rhyme!


The world was once

As dark as night,

but then God said,

"Let there be light!"

The light appeared;

It shone so bright!

And so began

The day and night.


Choose the illustration style best suited for your child. Also look at the amount of text per page. Are you reading this aloud or is your child an independent reader? Is the style more storybook or does it contain actual quotes from the Bible?

MY CATHOLIC BIBLE from Ignatius Press introduces your child to God's Word in the important stories of the Old and New Testaments. Verses from the Bible are included throughout, along with definitions of key words. Historical and cultural information provides a background for better understanding the story.

A special "Tuck In" follows each story in the MY BEDTIME STORY BIBLE from Zonderkidz. - "Pretend your bed is a softly rocking boat, and thank God for a warm and safe place to sleep" accompanies Noah's Rocking Boat.